you say countdown. we say ok.

6 Jan

die zehn-tage-grenze wurde quasi wie die schallmauer durchbrochen. noch 9 tage. und in zwei tagen nur noch eine woche.

heute der twilight-countdown extra für mädchen.


How to Look Like a Twilight Vampire

Ever wonder how to look like your favorite vampires from the Twilight series, the Cullens? After reading this you should have a better idea of that.


  1. Apply a foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone(or if you have naturally pale skin, don’t put on foundation). Your skin should be almost white, but without looking fake.If you want, use the foundation to apply to parts of your skin, such as your neck. You can also use baby powder.
  2. Apply a lavender eyeshadow on your eyelids and also under your eyes for under-eye bruise.
  3. Put on gold contacts if you are a „vegetarian“ vampire. If you do not want to be vegetarian, put on burgundy/red contacts. This step is optional.If you’re a hungry vampire your eyes should be a dark color(black or dark brown)
    1. Wear blood red lipstick for a dramatic effect, or black lip gloss.For a simpler alternative, wear clear lip gloss or nude lipstick.
  4. Know that darker clothing colors are preferred (although throughout the actual series many of the vampire characters dressed primarily in beige). Wear something simple, like a dark t-shirt or tank top and jeans. Or, you could go the Edward Cullen route and wear a cashmere sweater (or wool, cashmere is very expensive), jeans and nice shoes. Alice Cullen would wear skinny jeans,flats,and a funky top and maybe a necklace, too.
  5. Have a classic style, as vampires have been around for a long time and seen trends come and go.
  6. Remember,the prom was the first time Bella saw Edward in black.
  7. Also, you can always check the Twilight books to find certain outfits.
  8. Wear a lot of sunscreen to look pale.
  9. If you’re going to be in the sun, apply copious amounts of glitter paint to your skin, but if you plan to do this a lot, you should use a minute amount of shimmery body balm.
  10. Wear hidden ice packs so you feel cold, but again for an everyday look, just don’t sit next to radiators all the time.
  11. Eat lots of breath mints so your breath smells „tantalizing“.
  12. Drink lots of tomato juice so it looks like you’ve been drinking blood-only for costume effect, any red drink looks fine for everyday.
  13. Don’t eat at school, or just eat small amounts, or have a best friend with lots of food on their plate- stealing is an essential part of being a vampire! The Porsche Turbo 911!
  14. Be very fast and agile.
  15. Try inhaling sharply through your nose. It should make sort of a whooshing sound, and your shoulders should slightly move with this. It’s a very Edward-esque move.


  • To make your hair like a vampire:middle part that is a bit ruffled is perfect. For women, romantic waves or stick straight hair is perfect. also short bouncy hair is nice and dont forget the pixie-do.
  • Wear lighter colors if you want to look less conspicuous, as it means you pale skin tone will not clash as much with your clothes.
  • If you are going as a non-vegetarian vampire, have a person who will be a victim, or someone changing into a vampire (half-vampire, half-human).
  • If going out in the sun, wear long sleeves or pants, and be sure to apply shimmer make up to any skin showing.(optional)
  • Black, silver, red and purple are commonly accepted as traditional Vampiric attire, but Twilight vampires tend to stick to lighter tones in clothing, and wear plain (yet expensive) garments. yours doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Research your history and be honest.
  • As any good artist knows, when you wear dark colors it makes your skin look lighter and when you wear light colors it makes your skin look darker. Don’t wear white and still expect to look super pale unless you really DO look super pale.
  • Never sleep. If you do, your chances are ruined.
  • Sneak into unsuspecting girls rooms at night and watch them sleep.
  • Stare. A lot. But dont stare at people, That would creep them out. Stare at a thing for as long as you can manage, and try not to blink.
  • Move with swift, flitting motions. Practice ballet or something to be graceful but also quick.
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  • Do NOT wear fangs. The Twilight vampires don’t have them(This is mentioned in Eclipse)!
  • All twilight vampires are abnormally gorgeous so don’t hurt yourself trying to look exactly how you imagined.
  • Don’t laugh unless something is really funny and if so just smile(don’t strain yourself by trying Edward’s crooked smile, it’s very hard)
  • Stare at people with very deep eyes when they talk to you before answering them(Try to freak them out)
  • Do not go around telling people you are a vampire. You’re supposed to be inconspicuous about it.

Things You’ll Need

  • Foundation lighter than your skin tone
  • Lavender eyeshadow
  • Gold, burgundy, or blackish contacts
  • Blood red lipstick, black lip gloss or nude lipstick/lip gloss
  • The books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer (Also get Midnight Sun when it comes out)
  • Shimmer powder or glitter Lotion
  • trendy or basic clothing


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  1. caro Januar 6, 2009 um 12:01 #

    ha ha ha ha – das nächste halloween kommt bestimmt

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